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Sometimes impacts hurt. There are impacts that are detrimental like when your phone falls and hits your face as you sleep away dreaming about how great PCP is and sometimes FX will give you the only Impact you should need, one that won´t make you hurt but rather make you jump in everlasting joy.

Do you remember when FX announced the improvement of the plenum on impacts and dreamline? – Because I do. This was almost a year ago and now - almost a year later, FX has decided to announce the Crown MKll. What do plenums have to do with the new Crown model? Well, the plenum of the new Crown has been improved: resulting in more power and more capacity in a rifle that since its inception, showed great potential.

We started the new decade with the release of the FX Impact Power Plenum. The current demand for slugs has created the need for a bigger plenum, and, after carrying out this change, the FX Impact is no longer the same, it is better. With that being said, FX Impacts will maintain their optimum levels through their shots, and as for their reputation, they will continue to dominate as one of the most precise weapons in the market.

Slug pellest are the most talked about within the Airgun community. Its interesting how these pellets have been in production for a really long time but never received as much hype as now.

We are currently on our way to a new stage for compressed air weapons.

SABERTACTICAL surprises us with an incredible solution for all of us shooters; especially for lefties. They give us more comfort with launch of their new product: AMBIDEXTROUS COCKING BLOCK.

Once again FX surprises us with the release of new accessories for their line of air rifles, the Liners STX. It is the easiest and most economical way to change the caliber of your compressed air rifle. They are only for the STX (smooth twist X) barrels.

Today we will be talking about the SS High Capacity magazine. Originally made by the company Side-Shot from the U.S.A, this magazine comes into the market with a fresh new mechanism. This new quality allows you to load your pellets in less time and with so much ease.

Today we will talk a little bit about the new product by FX Airguns, the FX Pocket Chronograph.

The FX Chronograph is a necessary tool that is used when you would like to ensure the accuracy of your air rifle. The FX Pocket Chronograph uses radar technology, therefore it will work under any weather condition, unlike other chronographs, the FX Chronograph does not need an external light source.

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